Saturday, May 1, 2010

Job, part 24

We had our company meeting finally. Looks like financially things are starting to look a little better. More sales. I knew things have been on the upswing because for the last month and a half, they have been spending money.

Announced at the meeting was some good news for employees. 401K matching will be coming back, although at half the previous rate; it was hinted that if things improve, it could get back to the previous level.

Bonuses were mentioned, and there may be some without waiting for the fiscal year end. Maybe on a quarterly or half-year basis. Not clear.

Also, stock options for employees. Sounds good. There have always been options for the upper management. So after some years of complaints, it was announced the employee options will be initiated. However (and this is the kick in the stomach), only for the top 25%, the "high performers."

On the one hand, why shouldn't only the high-performers get options? Makes sense, right?

Well, it doesn't to me. It tells the other 75% of the company that they aren't worth it, and shouldn't bother working there. I suppose in sales it might make sense. You can always gauge performance by the numbers. But for the rest of the company, it often does come down to politics.

What they should do, in my view, is give everyone something, after that go for performance. Otherwise, since 75% won't make the privileged level of the other 25%, it's not worth being there.