Thursday, April 9, 2009

Job, part 20

More layoffs this week.

This was the second round. The first having been about six or seven months ago. (That means that October could be the next phase.)

The usual reason was given, the state of the economy.

But it was large group. Based on my estimate, 15% of the staff were let go. Some of the people had been with the company 13 years or more.

And this was the second round. Back in the fall when the first wave hit, I did not think to try to find out how many were laid off then. Wish I had, just to compare, and to be conscious of the state of the company.

Do I feel surprised I am still there? In some ways, I am. Being 'demoted' from manager, not being in the direct line of command, being placed in a role more like that of an advisor... with all of this, I feel like a fifth wheel. But I guess I still am seen as useful. So far.

On the other hand, I don't want to minimize what impact layoff may have to those directly affected, but having just been to my father's funeral puts things in a different perspective.