Monday, March 9, 2009

Job, part 16

We had our departmental meeting today.

No major surprises regarding personnel shifting. We heard a general outline of plans. It was much less concrete than what I had seen in the planning document last week. But generally follows the same plan. What was said was a vague description of the essence, with some hedging. Makes me think that the plan I saw might have been a recommendation rather than the decision.

One item of interest was that S, the department VP, who ran the meeting, gave the floor to P, a department director, for part of the meeting. P outlined his plan on how product design and implementation will happen. Lots of boxes and arrows.

It was a familiar rehash of so many planning exercises, that I almost had no reaction, like looking at a white wall. It registers as a wall, and as a white one, but aside from that, not much. All the planning is wonderful, there is no substitute for determining how real things work in the real world.

P's part of the presentation, design and implementation procedures, was nothing new, but since it is his, he was enthusiastic about it. I always get the impression he thinks his job is to make everything right in his way, and ignores all the travails everyone has gone though, and the paths we have tried and come back from. Since his consideration is what counts in his mind, there is no other way, and what went before has no meaning or value.

Additionally, it always seems P focuses on and presses forward with those he has hired or has played a part in hiring, and looks way from those who preceded him. P manages up well, but.

It sometimes is harder to get a read S, the department VP. It almost seemed that he spent the entire meeting looking at and addressing the phone, for those dialed into the meeting from the remote offices. So I got the impression he was not necessarily happy with the decisions he must carry out, but has not choice. Perhaps I am giving him more credit than he deserves. [I think I have done so in the past; sometimes I ascribe a more benign motivation to him than reality would normally demand.] But I think he realizes, as some others will soon begin to realize, that this is where people will start to consider leaving.