Thursday, March 5, 2009

Job, part 13

The CEO talk this morning did not have any major announcements. Mostly about how we're holding up despite the general economy.

The requisite number of corporate buzzwords were heard. Periodically, new ones enter the atmosphere, and today was no exception. Imagine using "ramp" as a verb to mean getting people up to speed. Or using "on board" as a verb to mean, well, getting people on board, as in the hiring process. Would all make an English major cringe, no doubt.

[Let's try this out.
"We've been on-boarding successfully now in that department..."
"We have put a lot of effort into on ramping new hires..."

I'm expecting any major news for our department to come Monday with the departmental meeting. Actually, I think we'll hear some of it then, and either immediately prior or shortly thereafter, G, my manager will say something. It would be then that a fuller extent of what they are doing will become known.

During the CEO's talk, he did show some financial information. Not being a specialist in financial spreadsheets, I do not grasp all significances of what I saw. But I did see that while things have declined somewhat given the economy, they do not appear to be severely impacted. And the pipeline of deals in the making seemed healthy. So it would appear that things are fairly stable.

He did allude to various organizational changes, but nothing specific; many had been previously announced in the prior weeks. I assume more will be revealed.

So while I had expected some real news, there were no fireworks.