Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Job, part 11

Maybe there's a plan, but it gets really weirdly annoying when G sends requests for information to either MK or I but not both. If MK is now supposed to be the lead in the group for the particular product G is asking about, why does G go to me sometimes, even without copying MK?

G's organization plan, which has been in effect for some months now, has finally become a partially visible. The latest org chart as posted by HR has everyone who reported to me in the past now reporting to him, except one person is still reporting to me. This is also weird, and bordering on embarrassing.

Part of me wants to let him know that the way it is depicted probably is not what he intends, and if no one is to report to me, then my name should be listed just like everyone else's is. On the other hard, I feel I should not bother, it is his place to make or change how it looks, it is his responsibility to make things look the way he wants. Thus, I want to believe that the way it looks now (i.e., weird) reflects more on him than anyone else.

It falls into the same kind of area I have been wondering about previously; about just doing what is the work in front of me and going home at the end of the day, and letting all other things just fall where they may. And that org chart would fall into the 'all other things' category.