Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And other absurdities, part 1

One day this week I received eight envelopes from a stock transfer agent. I own a few shares of a number of companies, and some use the same transfer agent. Each envelope from the transfer agent contained a letter regarding one of the eight companies.

The letters were essentially the same thing:

"We have updated our records with a new address for the account held in the above-referenced company. The change was generated either from a request by you or from information we have received from our search of the latest post office forwarding address database."

That was followed by my name and address and then "Our records indicate your previous address was:", and it again was followed by my name and address.

The before and after name and address was exactly the same, except the street type was changed from "DR" to "DRIVE".

How much money went into this waste of time and resources? Geez.